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Effective Communication With Our Spouses - Pastors Kofi & Jayne - Choice Men Meeting 16th May 2015

Choice Men

As leaders of their homes, men require the guidance and tools to be spiritually, emotionally and physically sound in order to fulfill all they are called to in the Word. This is the main purpose of the Choice Men’s ministry, to build, enhance and empower our men in Praise Chapel to be all that God has created them to be.. Choice Men not only encourages the men to not simply ‘Play the Man’ but ‘Be the Man’ in every aspect of their lives as husbands, fathers, friends and colleagues. This ministry aims to support men in defining their responsibilities as individuals, husbands and fathers from a biblical and scriptural standpoint.

Choice men are enabled to be active fathers and husbands, practical and useful in their communities, mature in their faith and understanding of the Word and continuously growing spiritually. The Choice Men serve in many of our outreach projects from their visible presence and activity in the annual community BBQ held in Peace Park, Kilburn, to work with the senior citizens and numerous other activities. The activity of Choice Men in the community events thus has a ripple effect in their own communities.

The Men hold regular Power meetings where guest speakers impart biblical wisdom and guidance. By holding meetings specifically for them, the Choice men of Praise Chapel are able to be vulnerable in the presence of other men, be built up and encouraged and leave revitalized to continue everyday lives and walk with Christ, in their faith at the forefront directing their every move and decision.