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Our History

Pastors Kofi and Jayne originally come from Ghana in West Africa. They met in London while attending Bible College in 1985 and attended the same church in North-West London. They fell in love and got married two years later. They are blessed with two children, Siobhan and Sinead.

Prior to founding Praise Christian Centre, Pastor Kofi served as an Associate Pastor for a large Charismatic Church in London for several years and his teaching and preaching gift became widely recognised. Following a number of spiritual experiences, he resigned from his position as Senior Associate Pastor in August 1993 under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In that same month, Pastors Kofi and Jayne were invited to minister in Glasgow. During this time the Lord showed Pastor Kofi a vision of a large General Hospital of which he was the Senior Medical Officer. In another vision a few days later the Lord strongly impressed on his heart to build Him an OASIS, a place that serves as a pleasant relief, refuge and change from the usual. The Lord also shared Hosea 4:6 with him, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge …” and directed Pastor Kofi to begin teaching His people from this premise.

Praise Christian Centre began with a Bible Study on Thursday 16th September 1993 and subsequently had their first Sunday Service on 19th September 1993 in Finchley.